Phoenix Hall History

The hall is named after the bird Phoenix, which according to mythology was reborn from its own ashes. It was built in 1949 on the property of the Mainz Rail Car Factory, on the foundations of a building destroyed by fire. Rail cars, buses, and streetcars were built here, and for a while starting in 1983 the building was used as a repair garage for American military equipment. Operations were shut down in 1993. A man with brilliant ideas and great drive then proposed to the city that the hall be given a new purpose and saved from oblivion. Matthias Becker was given the go-ahead to use the hall as a venue for the City Theatre of Mainz during its reconstruction process, which took several years. Phoenix Hall has been given a new interior life: an orchestra pit, a stage, a new heating system, restroom facilities, dressing rooms, workshops... and the ability to partition off the space has made it possible to obtain excellent acoustics. The ambience of Phoenix Hall with its overhead cranes retains the original character of the building; the old interior continues to be used. The engineering platform is installed on one of the cranes in the main room, offering an extremely high degree of flexibility which is important, given the size of the hall and the variety of events that take place there.

Phoenix Hall Impressions

Ground Plan

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